The opening hours of the massages are from 10:00 - 19:00 hod.

To ensure maximum comfort during your stay, we recommend booking the time and type of massage, preferably before your arrival, or the day before no later than 18:00. If you order the procedure on the day of arrival, we cannot guarantee free capacity. You can book the procedure at the hotel reception on tel .: +420 519 354 354, +420 731 401 456 or by email:

If you are unable to attend your booked massage for any reason, please cancel your reservation at least 24 hours before the scheduled start. Otherwise, you will be charged a cancellation fee of 100% of the value of the massage.


60 minutes 1 900 CZK / 90 minutes 2 600 CZK
selection of exclusive fragrances for women and men

ffer of perfumes, from which you can choose the very scent that will accompany you throughout the massage. The scent enhances the overall experience of a relaxing massage, which removes stress, fatigue and brings overall soothing. It relaxes stiff muscles and your skin will be beautifully supple and scented all day.


60 minutes 1 900 CZK / 90 minutes 2 600 CZK
selection of scents (lavender, orange, lemon grass, eucalyptus, rosemary)

Immerse yourself in the world of scents and perfect enjoyment of relaxation. Thanks to the healing powers of ESSENS Slow Living essential oils, a relaxing and strengthening massage takes place, which combines the pleasure of scent with the healing power of touch. It is a highly relaxing therapy not only for the body and mind, but it mainly affects the nervous system. It also helps support the immune system and activate or stabilize the psyche. Highly effective essential oils penetrate the body during the skin massage and are also inhaled at the same time.


60 minutes 2 200 CZK

One of the few effective methods in fighting and preventing orange peel skin. Special lymphatic and anti-cellulite touches are used during the massage. The massage is performed mainly on the buttocks and lower limbs. It has a beneficial effect on subcutaneous metabolism, which results in better fat absorption and skin smoothing. Anti-cellulite massage dissolves fat cells, affects blood circulation and stimulates subcutaneous fat structures. During this massage, it acts on the deeper layers of fat in order to disrupt this unnecessary tissue and thus get rid of cellulite. To improve the effect of anti-cellulite massage, there is a wrap with Colostrum cosmetics, which acts against cellulite, smoothes stretch marks, small veins and turns off the skin. The effect is often noticeable after the first massage, but for a visible improvement it is necessary to complete a series of several procedures right from the start. Thereafter, regular repetition is recommended.

Lifting facial massage

60 minutes 1 900 CZK

Colostrum cosmetics
Premium skin cosmetics make maximum use of the properties of colostrum and provide the skin with above-standard care. It has beneficial effects on cell regeneration, accelerates the removal of mimic wrinkles and acne. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Lifting KRYO facial massage

75 minutes 2 700 CZK

Due to the extreme cold of the local device, collagen is formed in the body, skin elasticity is increased, acne is removed, small wrinkles and other skin problems are smoothed out.

Colostrum Cosmetics
Premium skin cosmetics make maximum use of colostrum properties and provides above-standard skin care. It has beneficial effects on cell regeneration, accelerates the removal of mimic wrinkles and acne. Suitable for sensitive skin.


3 minutes 350 CZK

Local cryotherapy consists of a controlled flow of liquid nitrogen vapor at a temperature of -130 ° C directly on the skin to the affected area. During the procedure, a slight cold is perceived at the application site and there is a temporary reddening of the skin due to blood circulation. Cryotherapy is suitable for post-traumatic conditions, suppresses pain, accelerates the healing of inflammation, reduces swelling and accelerates regeneration.